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Virsa Punjab Da is a non-profit organization, whose motive is to promote Punjabi culture in Canada. We have experience of organizing many stage shows and many multicultural shows around the Calgary from last 7 years. In 2008, VPD started Bhangra Flames Competition with a vision to promote the lively and energetic folk dance of Punjab - Bhangra, by bringing together the best Bhangra teams in North America and showcasing their talent for the world, under one roof.
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Bhangra is a beautiful form of expression that will engulf you in its spirit as soon as you experience it. It’s a celebration of life and is done with passion, enthusiasm, and energy. It is perhaps the most vigorous form of South Asian Dances. Bhangra originated in the fertile land of Punjab, India.

Though bhangra may have existed longer, but its history can be traced back to 500 years ago. Bhangra was created among...

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